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Sparmax - SB-88 - Hobby Spray Booth With Turntable

Sparmax - SB-88 - Hobby Spray Booth With Turntable

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When you use an airbrush (or any form of paint spray) you atomise paint particles and vapour into the air. Even if you are using water-based paints, these should not end up in your lungs. Protect yourself by using the Sparmax Spray Booth which will draw all the paint vapours and particles through a filter and then expel them outdoors. The flexi-duct can be fixed to a standard domestic vent or simply placed through a partially open window for portability or convenience. 

With a powerful built-in exhaust fan and a three-way adjustable pipe, unwanted fumes first go through 2 different types of filters before being vented out. Equipped with an extra filter set and 3 options of installation directions to accommodate individual needs

This spray booth is lightweight and easy to assemble, yet still very sturdy. It comes complete as a flat pack and can be assembled within 30 minutes. The powerful fan system draws in overspray and vents the emission outside your work area. The dual filter system reduces the amount of particles vented outside. The booth includes a rotating turntable plate (see below).

The rotating turntable plate allows you to spray on all sides of the subject without touching the drying surface. Perfect for scale models.

The SB-88 is not intended for use with hazardous materials, flammable/explosive paints or materials.


  • Noise level - 62 dB (very quiet)
  • Size: L52.3 x W40.3 x H31.6 cm (Depth 550mm including fan unit)
  • Weight: 5.5kgs
  • Turntable plate 250mm (10")
  • Powerful & quick fume suction
  • Durable and flexible round exhaust hose (diameter: 70mm; length: 150cm or 59")
  • 4 x replaceable filters - 2 x large and 2 x small
  • 65 watt, 50 HZ exhaust fan
  • Exhaust Airflow 62CFM - 68CFM (105 - 115 metres cubed per hour)

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